Sextasy Danger

Sextasy Info and Links Is it safe to mix Viagra and Ecstasy?

I understand that there have now been two cases reported to Pfizer, the manufacturers of Viagra, of priapism associated with the use of Viagra together with ecstasy. (I don't know how many cases, if any, they have had reported of priapism with Viagra alone).

WebMD: Ecstasy + Viagra = Trail Mix

Instead, it's the latest party drug craze, consisting of ecstasy -- known to cause an intense high -- and Viagra, which is used to improve sexual prowess. For now, the primary users are gay men in New York City and Boston where trail mix is showing up at dance parties and clubs.

Kaiser: Combination Use of Viagra, Illegal Drugs Among Gay Men May Lead to Increase in Unprotected Sex, HIV Transmission

A recent survey of 800 men attending an STD clinic conducted by the San Francisco Department of Public Health found that 32% of gay respondents reported having used Viagra in the previous year compared to 7% of heterosexual respondents, and many of the gay men said they had taken the drug in combination with Ecstasy, methamphetamine or poppers, a nitrate-based liquid that may be inhaled during sex to relax and increase sensation.