Sextasy Danger

Sextasy FAQ: Questions about Sextasy

What does "Sextasy" mean?

Sextasy (Sex + Ecstasy) is a term used to refer to taking Viagra and the illegal drug Ecstasy (MDMA) together. It's a drug cocktail used in the club and raving scene, especially among gay men. Pills are apparently even being sold that combine Ecstasy, Viagra, and other drugs together.

The term "sextasy" is not new; it was used at least as far back as Feb 2000. This mixture is also being called "trail mix" or "hammerheading" (because of the throbbing headache this combination causes).

Why would anyone want to mix Viagra and Ecstasy?

The illegal drug Ecstasy fills people with feelings of warmth and closeness to other people. However, it has a side effect of making it difficult for men to achieve an erection. So, by taking Viagra, men hope to be able to enjoy the positive sexual feelings brought on by Ecstasy with the strong erections Viagra brings.

Why is it dangerous to combine Viagra and Ecstasy?

There are several dangers in combining Viagra and Ecstasy. First of all, Ecstasy is a powerful mind-altering drug that impairs judgment. Combining it with Viagra encourages people to engage in unsafe and risky sexual behavior. Public health officials fear that this combo will increase the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Secondly, there is a horrific potential side effect of this combination: priapism. Priapism is an erection that won't go down over an extended period of time. Though at first this might sound like a benefit, a priapism can be extremely painful and can cause permanent sexual dysfunction. Simply put, your penis can become so damaged that you can no longer get an erection.

Thirdly, Ecstasy has been proved to have dangerous effects on the heart. Ecstasy causes high blood pressure and dehydration; Viagra only worsens these effects. Ecstasy alone can be deadly, and mixing it with Viagra makes it even more dangerous.

I thought Viagra was a safe drug to use?

Viagra is safe. If used as directed. It's not safe, however, to mix Viagra, or any drug, with other drugs without first consulting with your doctor or pharmacist.